Everything you need to inspire a generation of changemakers.

An entrepreneurial journey with key curriculum & general capabilities outcomes embedded into the process.

An entrepreneurial twist on everyday curriculum.


Students will learn about design thinking, find a problem to solve, ideate a solution and then use their entrepreneurial skills to start a simulated business or social enterprise.

General Capabilities

Students will optimise their business using their critical thinking and ICT skills, and build a product that matters using their social, ethical and intercultural understanding.

Core Curriculum

Students will complete tasks with learning outcomes linked to content descriptions during their entrepreneurial journey, allowing them to practice what you've taught them.

Reporting & Data

Teachers can track individual and class data to see where and when their students need help and export a EoL for each student and content description with a single click.

Designed to be engaging, with content created by subject matter experts.

Engaging Gameplay Loop

Our gameplay loop was designed by experts in gamification to maximise student engagement and outcomes.

Relevant Content

All of our content is created in collaboration with a network of industry specific subject matter experts and an advisory council of teachers.

No Silly Dragon Eggs

We only gamify the process of motivating students, never the tasks that need to be done. Students will use the same methods and process's taught in class to run their business.

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You're already in good company, check out these comments from our innovative students, teachers & schools.

It taught me that I can become my own boss if I have a really good idea and work hard to make it happen.

Year 4 Student

I've heard nothing but good things from our boys about the Hey Startup! program.

Michael Stewart
Head of Formation & Administration
Ambrose Treacy College

Hey Startup! brings out the entrepreneur in every child using motivational techniques and real life scenarios.

Brett Tompson
Year 6 Teacher
Ambrose Treacy College

It's fun and addictive, and at the same time it encouraged me to learn new things.

Year 6 Student

I wouldn't use Hey Startup! in the business curriculum, instead I would look at using it as the business curriculum.

Rosette Sagner
Head of Department - Business
Mansfield State High School

Pretty cool, would 100% recommend to my great aunt (:

Year 6 Student

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Do students start a real business?

Students start a simulated business inside of a digital platform, the simulation scales in realism and difficulty depending on the students grade level and demonstrated competency.

What if one or more of my students have real business ideas?

We offer extension programs that can help students start and scale micro-businesses within your school or local community.

Who are your subject matter experts?

We have a network of venture studios, entrepreneurs, design agencies, investors, copywriters, animators and business strategists that create content in collaboration with our teacher advisory panel.

Can you integrate with our schools LMS / CMS?

Not yet, but we're working on it! One of our core missions is to create products that reduce teacher workload, so this is close to the top of our development agenda.

Can you deliver tailored content for our school?

Yes! After seeing our product demo you will have an opportunity to request specific content be included in the program prior to committing to a purchase.

Can we use your program for our market day or school fete?

We offer a modified version of our platform for market day micro-businesses that includes lessons plans that you can use in your classroom. These are built unique to each school.